What is B.Design Course ?

A Bachelor of Design (BDes) is a four-year undergraduate degree program that offers in-depth design knowledge. It can be a gateway to self-employment and jobs for others. 

Program Structure of B.Design

The B.Des program offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes:
  • Core topics such as CAD, CAM, product development, and marketing
  • Specialization-specific content
  • Vocational training
  • Electives
  • Personality and skills development 
The program also offers a Design Foundation in Year 1 and Specializations in Years 2, 3, and 4. Specializations include:
  • Product Design and Innovation
  • Designed Environments
  • Information and Graphic Design
  • User Experience Design 
The B.Des course also provides knowledge on technical and practical aspects of design in a variety of fields. Some courses include:
  • Product Planning, & Marketing Management
  • Design, Innovation & Management
  • 3D Animation Lab
  • Design Writing
  • Advanced Communication Design Studio
  • Toy Design/ Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Product Design Studio
  • Communication Design


A Bachelor of Design (B.Des) is a four-year undergraduate course that offers many specializations in the design industry. 

Here are some specializations in B.Des:
  • Graphic design: A popular B.Des specialization that is in high demand in the digital era.
  • Textile designer: Develops 2D designs for knit, weave, and printed fabrics.
  • Interaction design: Enhances the connection between a product and a person.
  • Costume designer: Creates looks for characters for television, film, and stage productions.
  • Product design: Deals with products, services, and systems addressing usability, form, function, aesthetics, material, technologies, and sustainability.
  • Accessory design: Covers the entire spectrum of lifestyle products and visual merchandising.
  • Ceramic design: Deals with the color, composition, and understanding of the designs and core materials. 

Other specializations in B.Des include: Fashion design, Interior design, Animation, Visual communication. 

Career Opportunities After B.Design

A Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) can lead to many career paths, including:
  • Fashion design: A growing field with many design companies offering jobs. Fashion design is considered one of the best paying industries today.
  • Graphic design: A good choice for a career in design that meets the requirement for most graphic design jobs.
  • Fashion merchandiser: Plays a crucial role in the fashion business by managing inventory, analyzing market trends, and coordinating the marketing and distribution of fashion products.
  • Fashion stylist: In high demand, especially in the entertainment and advertising industries. Fashion stylists curate outfits, ensuring that models, actors, or individuals look their best.
  • Fashion illustrator: Involves sketching the design based on the fashion designer’s inputs.
  • Fashion forecasters: Can work in a variety of industry-related workplaces, including designers, manufacturers, retailers, trade groups and trend analysis firms.
  • Industrial design: An undergraduate degree that can lead to a variety of career paths. 
Other career paths include:
  • Product design
  • Interior design
  • Digital media design 

B.Des. graduates can work in various industries, including fashion, architecture, advertising, and entertainment. 

Some Basic Information for B.Design Course

Information Details
 Admission Process  Admission based on entrance exams   conducted by design schools or   universities
 Duration  4 years
 Eligibility  Successful completion of 10+2 from   a recognized board
 Minimum Age  Varies by institution
 Future Scope  Fashion Designer, Product Designer,   Interior Designer, Graphic Designer
 Specializations  Fashion Design- Product Design-   Interior Design- Graphic Design-   Industrial Design

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