What is an MBI

There are multiple matches for MBI degree, including Master of Business Informatics and Master of Business Innovation. 
A Master of Business Informatics (MBI) is a postgraduate degree that combines information technology (IT) and management courses. MBI programs can include courses in the following areas:
  • Basic Technology
  • Business Informatics Methods 
MBI programs are common in central Europe. The duration, tuition fees, curriculum, key components, career prospects, and salary expectations can vary by the chosen country and university where to study this degree. 
A Master in Business Innovation (MBI) focuses on the strategic and competitive needs of modern organizations. MBI programs can help students develop strong leadership skills.


Here are some specializations for a Master of Business in International Business:
  • Accounting
  • Artificial intelligence for business
  • Digital finance
  • Digital transformation
  • Event management
  • Finance
  • Financial planning
  • Human resource management

Career Opportunities after MBI

Here are some career opportunities after an MBA in International Business:
  • Human resources manager: In charge of hiring the best staff in different locations in the country
  • Business development manager: Responsible for identifying and expanding business opportunities in foreign markets, managing partnerships, and developing market entry strategies
  • Business consultant: Makes decisions in favor of the profitability of the business, keeps a check on the previous reports and records, and changes decisions and steps to be taken to favor the business’s growth
  • International marketing manager: Manages and organizes all the marketing material and collaborates with international distributors
  • Sales manager: Responsible for guiding a sales team to achieve sales targets set by an organization
  • Project manager: Manages the life of a product, from planning to its execution
  • Financial analyst: Can work in a number of different industries, but banks, investment firms, and businesses seek out their services the most 

Some Basic Information about MBI

   Criteria    Details
 Educational Qualification  Bachelor’s degree in Business, Commerce, Economics, or a relatedfield
 Minimum Marks  Typically, 50-60% aggregate marks in the qualifying degree
 Entrance Exam  May require GMAT, GRE, or institution-specific entrance exam
 Work Experience  Prefer candidates with relevant experience
 Statement of Purpose (SOP)  SOP outlining candidate’s interests, motivations, and goals
 References/Letters of Recommendation  Academic or professional references preferred
 Language Proficiency  Proficiency in English through tests like IELTS or TOEFL

Top Colleges for MBI