What is B.Sc. (IT) Degree Program?

A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT or B.Sc. IT) is an undergraduate degree program in information technology. It is a three-year science program that focuses on software, databases, and networking. 

BSc IT is usually required for working in the information technology industry. Graduates can earn an initial salary of 2.5–4 lakhs per year. Some careers that BSc IT graduates can pursue include:
  • IT support analyst
  • Network engineer
  • IT consultant
  • Web designer
  • Software developer
  • Quality assurance analysts
  • Systems analyst 

Program Sturcture

A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc IT) program may include the following core courses:
  • Database Management System
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • Operating Systems 
Other subjects may include:
  • Data structures in C language
  • Networking and internet applications
  • Technical communication skills
  • Content management system
  • Statistical and mathematical basics of computer science
  • Business management
  • Economics
  • Systems development
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Electronics and telecommunication systems 
A BSc IT program may also include modules such as:
  • Computer science and information systems subjects (CMPG)
  • Accounting (ACCS)
  • Business management (BMAN)
  • Statistics (STTN)
  • Mathematics (MTHS) 

A BSc IT program is awarded for completing a program of study in the field of: 


Software development, Software testing, Software engineering, Web design, Databases, Programming, Computer networking, Computer systems. 


Many colleges in India offer BSc IT courses in specializations such as: Computer science, Statistics, Cyber security, Data analytics, Artificial intelligence. 
BSc IT (Information Technology) is a 3-year undergraduate degree. Subjects include:
  • IT laws and patents
  • Web designing
  • Total supply chain management
  • Management information systems
  • Strategic IT management
  • Embedded systems 
BSc IT graduates can get an initial annual salary package between INR 2.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh per annum. They can get profiles such as: 
Programmer, System engineer, Software engineer, Network administrator, Hardware engineer, Tester, System analyst. 
BSc IT is more suitable for making careers in the academia and disciplinary research. 

Career Opportunities

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Information Technology (IT) can lead to many careers, including: 
IT support analyst, Network engineer, IT consultant, Web designer, Software developer, Quality assurance analyst, Systems analyst, Programmer, System engineer, Software engineer, Network administrator, Hardware engineer, Tester. 
BSc IT graduates can earn an initial annual salary between INR 2.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh per annum. 
The IT field includes areas such as: Software development, Cybersecurity, Data analytics, Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence.

Some Basic Information About B.Sc. (IT)

 Admission   Process Admission based  on merit or entrance exams conducted by universities or institutes
 Duration 3 years
 Eligibility  Successful completion of 10+2 from a recognized board with Mathematics as a subject
 Minimum Age Varies by institution
 Future Scope Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, Database Administrator, IT Consultant
 Specializations Software Development- Web Development- Networking- Database Management- Cybersecurity

Top Colleges for B.Sc. (IT) in INDIA