What is BBA?

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate degree that helps students understand business and its application in the real worldIt’s a well-rounded degree that’s in high demand because of its versatility

Program Structure

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year undergraduate program that is divided into six semesters. Each semester is five months long, including examinations, with at least 90 working days and 450 hours of instruction. The course structure is as follows:
  • Seven papers per semester
  • Basics of management, finance, marketing, and business law
  • Regularly updated course content to keep up with changes in the business environment


Here are some BBA specializations:
  • BBA in Finance
    This specialization teaches students how to make predictions and forecasts about investments and insurance. Students gain theoretical and practical knowledge of financial components such as investments, portfolio management, and financial engineering.
  • BBA in Marketing
    This specialization focuses on marketing and marketing management. This type of program may cover topics such as market research, advertising, and sales management.
  • BBA in Entrepreneurship
    This specialization focuses on entrepreneurship and small business management.
  • BBA in General
    This specialization includes subjects like entrepreneurship, international business, and management. 
Other BBA specializations include:
  • Banking and insurance
  • Information technology
  • Human resource management
  • Communication and media management
  • Foreign trade
  • Hospitality and hotel management
  • Sports management
  • Business accounting and insurance management
  • Supply chain and inventory/ logistics management

Career Opportunites

Here are some career options after a BBA degree:
  • Digital marketing
    A popular career option for BBA graduates, digital marketing can offer many opportunities.
  • HR assistant
    An HR assistant helps the HR manager with day-to-day tasks like recruitment, benefits, administration, and payroll.
  • Entrepreneurship
    BBA courses in entrepreneurship can help students learn how to strategize, plan, and launch a business.
  • MBA
    An MBA (Master of Business Administration) can help you pursue leadership roles in companies and organizations.
  • Marketing
    Marketing is one of the best career options after BBA, and you don’t need a special degree or certification course to build a career in marketing.
  • Data science
    Data scientists use insights to create better-informed decisions, develop plans, and help their clients get the best results.
  • Event management
    A BBA in Event Management can offer the necessary abilities, like critical and analytical thinking, for event management aspirants.
  • Sales executive
    A sales and marketing executive plans, leads, and directs the whole group all through the course of advancement and flow of limited-time stock. 
Other career options after a BBA degree include:
  • Banks
  • Financial services and insurance
  • Finance and accounting
  • Tourism management

Some Basic Information About BBA Course

           Information                                                 Details
 Admission Process  Admission based on merit or entrance exams like IPMAT, SET, DU JAT, or others
 Duration   3 years
 Eligibility    Successful completion of 10+2 from a recognized board
 Minimum Age  17 years
 Future Scope    Entry-level management positions in various industries
 Specializations  Marketing- Finance- Human Resource Management- Operations Management- International Business

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